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Innovations & Patents

Phoenix has a long history of introducing innovative products into the market. With over 15 patents issued in the last 3 years, we welcome the opportunity to take your product to the next level.

Product Development

Phoenix Closures takes the concept of introducing new products further by working closely with our customers to determine the best possible closure solution.

Technical Services

Phoenix’s philosophy is to support our customers with comprehensive technical services that will enable our customers to run at peak line efficiencies.


A full-service manufacturing firm, Phoenix’s production capabilities include closure molding and lining, extrusion, assembly and closure decorating.

Distribution and Inventory Programs

Our ample warehousing space and inventory management system give Phoenix Closures the ability to ship most orders within 48 hours.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service team represents over 90 years of combined Phoenix Closures experience, and can provide inventory and order status as well as assist with all packaging needs.

Major Markets

Phoenix Closures manufactures injection-molded closures for all rigid container markets.

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